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November 11, 2009


Trish Johnson

Mark, it sounds like I should have spent the last 9 yrs. or so in a law firm as I have being generating revenue and providing competitive intel for my firms for at least that long! It is part of who I am and I am currently trying to encourage AdminPro's to do the same. This is what my small consulting business is all about. I cannot tell you how many times I have provided my teams with opportunities via my internet sweep and the 'weekend' press. Companies 'in trouble' need help - therein is an opportunity. I get really excited about all the work out there firms can have if they only allow themselves to take advantage of one of their 'main, and 'valuable' resources! Check out my site, please Mark, and you will see what I mean by my posts - it's all about motivation and owning your value + bringing 'added value' to your firm. If you don't like your job, get out, and let someone else enjoy the possibilities that can be found if given 'permission' by your team to do so......great article!


Lowell Moritz

Another business development activity for law firms could be the use of technology. Now that law firms have rationalized both head count and salaries using technology will create ways to create permanent benefits for law firms, new business models for delivering legal services, and will enable current staff to "do more with less" thus fostering better employee relations and morale. Also, techno-savvy companies served by law firms will be impressed by the use of technology and its ability to create efficiency, control, and consistency for both parties (everyone loves a win/win). Properly postioned technology will help to win new business. I am with Exari and we provide document assembly software to some of the largest law firm in the world and to corporate legal departments.

Tim Flynn

As a solo practitioner with four employess, I found this article useful. As I totally stumbled upon it, I am wondering what happened to this blog. The content is now very stale; no new posts since November. What gives? Did you guys just change direction?

Julien Anderson

Marketing Material- Role of a staff member!

Having someone that can understand your vision is essential! Having someone in your corner that can virtually bring out the best of your ideas even if they are just an average thought. Having a creative advisor on your team can bring magnitude to even the smallest detail you have conjured up in your mind and having it displayed as a major attraction that will enhance your business for the better! Having someone with creative vision in your corner is the key!

Defense Lawyer

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